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1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 Four national teams came to Moscow to play in the Baltika Cup, a hockey tournament sponsored by Baltika brewing company. Yesterday Russia stole three winning points from Finland by scoring more in the final penalty shoot-out. Local fans were cheered to see the Russian national team winning after a series of failures in other international hockey competitions.

In the other match last night the Czech republic clashed with Sweden. The prime time ended in a draw, but no matter how good the players were, Semenov, the Russian referee, was definitely the star of the game. When the overtime was over, the score was still tied: three to three. Hockey players and fans were getting ready for the final fight in the penalty shoot-out, but the referee decided that the game should end. Coaches tried to convince him that he was wrong, making references to the rules and regulations of the tournament. But Russia proved its weirdness again the hockey match was pronounced over and the hockey players were asked to leave the rink. In about twenty minutes the refs understood that they were wrong and started looking for Swedish and Czech players in the locker rooms. When they realized that it was impossible to resume the game, Semenov made a judgment worthy of Solomon. He suggested flipping a coin. Heads or tails, Czechs or Swedes. Europeans did not resist, being shocked by Russian spontaneity.

The Czech players turned out to be more fortunate than their Swedish colleagues: the double-headed eagle on a five-ruble coin gave the victory to the Czech Republic.

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